Take a Mommy’s Moment for Self-Care

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By Leean Sack

Self-care isn't selfishSelf-Care… We all say it and have heard it a million times, “you can’t pour for an empty cup” and “take time for yourself.” I would love to say that I adopted this into my hectic schedule raising twins, but I really didn’t. It seemed like an impossible feat especially the during the newborn months when every minute in your life is consumed. I admit it…I completely neglected myself, put it on the back burner. I was running on survival mode and that is it.

It was only until recently (when the twins were on somewhat of a schedule) that I was able to really start to think about self-care. I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some days it’s really dim but it’s there, you just got to look for it (squint if you must); it’s there and ready for you to move towards it.

Self-care is many things to many people. Not all of us can have spa days—so make your own! Not all of us can take vacations, so make a staycation. Not all of us can get out to see a movie, so have a movie night at home (blankets, pillows, pajamas and popcorn). Not all of us can go out for dinner, so order out and make your own little private restaurant in your home.

Treat yourself and make yourself a priority even if its once a month, be creative and make a moment… a Mommy Moment.

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