Mommy’s Moment: Community is Key

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By Leean Sack

As summer finally arrives at Northgate, I see more and more people out and about, gathering with old friends and making new ones. I often am wandering through Northgate with the twins and think to myself, how great is it that I can walk out my door and every time I get a “hello, how are you, how are the kids.” I don’t ever feel lonely here.

Loneliness is something I hear a lot of mommies–especially new mommies talk about. We get stuck in the same old routine and desperately try to get our daily stuff done (and it’s a lot of stuff to do). We get lost in time and often forget that there are amazing people out there doing amazing things.

Just in our back yards, there are residents here that genuinely care about each other and have each other’s backs in times of need and share in our times of joy. You don’t see that much anymore these days and it makes me sad. Let’s change this!

Make it a point to say “hello” to your neighbors, introduce yourself to others, attend a community event/activity. We all need that sense of belonging. Make those connections, you never know where it could lead. Those connections could be just the thing you need to get by. Community is key!

  • Start a walking group
  • Plan a weekly get together at the playground
  • Do random kind gestures for your neighbors
  • Host a courtyard get together

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