Northgate celebrates 30 years of resident ownership and affordability

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Northgate's celebration of our 30 year anniversary is featured on A few quotes from the article include:

"We're celebrating 30 years of ownership, resident ownership," said Linda Romeo, a longtime resident who has lived at Northgate for 48 years. She remembers when conditions were poor, and now she serves as the Secretary of Northgate's board to proudly represents her neighbors. "To help them understand that this is their community, they have a say in what happens here."

"To have more than 300 homes here that are affordable is just a great asset to Burlington when so much of our housing is priced so much higher," Mayor Miro Weinberger said.

"Most of the people on staff every year have either been residents or former residents to ensure their voice is the loudest voice," said Kathy Luce, Vice President of Maloney Properties.

Northgate's apartments are now being used as a model for other affordable housing communities around the nation. 

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