Recycling in Burlington VT

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It may seem like “mission-impossible” to navigate the rules around recycling in Burlington…

We CAN recycle quite a bit:

  • glass,
  • clean aluminum,
  • plastic milk jugs,
  • plastic food containers,
  • pizza boxes (greasy is OK! — food stuck on is a compostable item!),
  • newspaper,
  • junk mail,
  • newsletters…that have, of course, been read thoroughly…

Plastic bagsBut what about plastic grocery bags, bread bags and the like?

These can be recycled at various locations throughout the Burlington area. In fact, there is box in the lobby of the management office for collecting these bags. The van crew (see the van schedule for dates and times!) takes them to the grocery store at the beginning of each month to for recycling.

The plastic is typically used to make composite lumber. Below are the details and locations of the bag (and thin plastic) recycling locations (if you choose not to bring them to the office). Stop into the management office for an informational sheet that will give you the complete scoop on recycling! 

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