Northgate featured on the Vermont Affordable Housing Show – VIDEO

Host Erhard Mahnke chats with Carol Jaramillo, Community Builder for the Northgate Resident's Ownership Corporation (NROC), and Linda Romeo, NROC Resident Board Member and long time Northgate Resident, about Northgate Housing and it's 30 years of success as a resident-owned affordable housing community, including the recent completion of the Northgate timeline.—From

Northgate celebrates 30 years of resident ownership and affordability

Northgate's celebration of our 30 year anniversary is featured on A few quotes from the article include: "We're celebrating 30 years of ownership, resident ownership," said Linda Romeo, a longtime resident who has lived at Northgate for 48 years. She remembers when conditions were poor, and now she serves as the Secretary of Northgate's board to…

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